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RotoPolTM Powders & Micropellets

Product Grades Product Rotopol is a range of PE based pre colored, pre pulverized compounds for the Rotational Molding Industry.
Product Grades Advantages Rotopol powders are ready to use 1- pack systems consisting of colorants, light & heat stabilizers and process additives, for the rotational molding industry .Roto-Molders don't need to carry out the extrusion & pulverization steps thereby eliminating 2 extra processes Lower heat history as the polymer is not subjected to multiple extrusion passes. Wide range of Customization possible in terms of colors and choice of polymers & blends.
Product Grades Specifications All Rotopol powder conform to the ARMO standards for Dry flow and Bulk densities to give enhanced processing and lower cycle times.The particle size distribution is also controlled to ensure optimum flow of the powder while molding.
Product Grades All Rotopol powders are > UV Stabilized to UV 8
> Color Fast to 7-8
> Heat Stability- 300 C for 15 mins
Product GradesStd colors available Black, White, Light Blue (for tank inner layer), Red, Blue, Green, Orange & Yellow. Customized colors & blended polymer formulation are available (minimum order Qty of 500kg)

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