There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come

ALOK is not the founder or the promoter of our company. ALOK is the symbol of the 'can do' & 'will do' spirit of our founders.
The year was 1993 & our founders Mr. C.S.Bhadauria now known as 'CS' and Mr. K.L.Puri (KLP) sensed a big technology gap in the Indian Plastics Industry. India was waking up to the new sun of liberalization and the industry was handicapped due to the lack of domestic masterbatch companies that could provide world class products.
In an era that is now referred to as the infamous 'Licence Permit Raj' it was an uphill task for these entrepreneurs to start a company with their limited resources. The two displayed the quintessential entrepreneurial spirit and did not let this slow them down. They bought over a small cable manufacturing firm called ALOK Industries from another friend, along with all assets such as land, building and cable making machines. With all necessary licence and permissions in place, ALOK had an instant start. Soon the cable machine were on their way out and masterbatch machines took their place.
With this humble beginning our journey began. A Chemical Engineer from BHU and an R&D professional for more than 20 years, CS would be mostly found on shop floors at customer premises. With his vast knowledge and unique troubleshooting skills, he began the culture of co-creating products with customers. His uncompromising attitude towards product quality and hands-on mentoring of employees made sure that success came calling in short span of a year.
When they started the company, our founders had set a humble goal of selling 50 tons of masterbatch every month to sell. It was a cold December day when KLP called up CS, who was at a customer site. It was to give him the good news that they had 'done it'. They had crossed the 50 tonne mark. To celebrate this milestone, CS left the customer site immediately and drove nonstop to Rishikesh where he took a dip in the holy Ganges to thank the divine.
That day the Ganges did not just bless him, it blessed the entire ALOK Team! It renewed their hunger and fired their spirits to reach newer heights.
The magic of 'adding good' that we create today was a blessing from the divine and has been embedded in our founder's vision and beliefs.
ALOK began expanding and opened its in house R&D centre as well as its 2nd Plant in 1999. The turn of the century also bought about new wave of energy to ALOK with the 2nd generation primed to shoulder the responsibilities of the coming millennium. Vikram (VSB) with masters in Plastic Engineering from USA and a stint as an R&D engineer with a German masterbatch manufacturer brought with him the technical expertise and vision on how to run a large global company. Amit and Aditya with their background in business education brought with them newer business practices and strategic expertise. A healthy growing economy, infusion of fresh blood and a formidable team of trusted managers gave ALOK the chance to pause and recalibrate its strategy.
The rest as they say is history. Today, ALOK is helping brands around the world transform their products by making them safer, sustainable and affordable. Even today ALOK's engineers can be found on the customer shop floors, looking for opportunities to co-create and make them more profitable. It is this philosophy that led to the birth of ALOK Technology Incubation Centre (ATIC).
The ATIC Lab is based on Delhi and is accessible for all our customers and suppliers. Not only this, we also warmly welcome academia and students focussing on polymer studies to use ATIC and challenge the status quo.
As we surge ahead into the new age of plastics, the industry faces newer challenges and demands. We embrace them all and are confident that our perseverance and spirit of enterprise will allow us to cross the chasm of change while we continue to 'add good' for our customers, partners and employees.
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