Epidemics know no border, no religion

Preparing for a safer tomorrow

In January 2020, as we stepped into a new decade, with new opportunities came new challenges and threats, starting with the life-threatening behemoth - Coronavirus. An unexpected epidemic and outbreak, Coronavirus has caused fear, anxiety and panic among people across the world and specifically among those living in Wuhan, China.

While there is need for countries to act swiftly in ensuring that coronavirus does not spread more, it is imperative to understand that infectious outbreaks and their agents never mind about our political ideologies or even borders. We can all at one time be victims of such outbreak and hence there is a need for combined efforts despite our different political ideologies. After all, what threatens our well-being is common.

The COVID-19 outbreak poses threat to businesses, governments, and societies around the world. Companies are reacting in different ways to ensure business continuity, improve the resilience of their supply chain and pivot to innovative ways to help health authorities combat the disease. Brands like Reliance Industries, TATA Group, Wipro, Novartis, Paytm among others have pledged to help strengthen efforts, protect at-risk populations and develop diagnostics.

While we all laud the humanitarian efforts of nationals, governments and institutions, across borders, let this be a clarion call for each one of us for equipping and bracing ourselves for the new world threats and challenges which precede us.

At ALOK, it has been our focused effort to create solutions which are future ready and addresses the evolving needs of the 21st century. Witnessing the turnaround of events, we decided to upgrade our solution which helps inhibit the proliferation of microbes in plastic products used in day-to-day use.

To actualize this goal, we collaborated with Microban to launch the latest range of anti-microbial solutions for the Indian market, called BactiSafe, at K Show 2019. This solution was co-created at our state-of-the-art in-house incubation centre in New Delhi, ATIC. With growing need for hygiene, safety and sustainability of plastics in the market, we saw an excellent opportunity to introduce antimicrobial solutions that can make plastics resistant to microbial growth. Even though the profile of Bactisafe is focused to fight bacteria and fungus infestation, we are collaboratively working towards anti-virus solutions to enable households and workplaces to prevent the widespread of such fatal diseases.

We at ALOK continue to live and breathe our philosophy of collaboration, co-creation and innovation that can help create new benchmarks in the industry. We work with some of the leading institutions, companies and engineers at ATIC to explore the infinite possibilities of the chemical world and create products which continue ADDING GOOD to other people’s lives.

To know more about ATIC and our custom made solutions, reach us info@alokindustries.com