Sanitize Public and Private Spaces with BactisafeTM

When plastics come in close contact with humans, livestock, or raw foods, they can accumulate harmful germs that spread diseases and infections. These microbes find a conducive host in plastic surfaces to multiply and can be rapidly transferred across humans and animals alike. The consequences of these transmissions can range from the spread of common flu to deadly epidemics such as MRSA.

Some of the common carriers of such microbes are: Public:

  • Public toilet seats, taps and door handles
  • High contact surfaces in microbe rich environments such as hospital beds, furniture, hotel linen, food processing facilities, metros and public transport, and other similar places
  • Wet areas in public swimming pools, vegetable mandis, and abattoirs
  • Children's Play area, Escalator handrails, Restaurant crockery, TV remote control in a hotel room


  • Wet areas in the kitchen and washrooms
  • Refrigerator interiors, especially the defrosting trays
  • Appliance such as AC filters, Water purifiers, washing machines
  • Home Linen such as bedsheets, pillow covers, carpets, and other similar surfaces

Consider a hospital environment - it is germ rich; the possibility of an infection spreading is high. Any masterbatch employed to control this spread should ideally satisfy three primary parameters:

  • Non Toxic i.e. it should be safe for Human contact
  • Highly effective and strong mortality rate of 99% or higher
  • Permanent: An effective antimicrobial masterbatch should last as long as the product lasts

At ALOK Technology Incubation Centre (ATIC), we have made strides in developing a masterbatch that prevents microbes from spreading and meets all of three aforementioned criteria.

Our Anti-Microbial Masterbatch, BactisafeTM, can be a definitive solution to sanitizing public and private spaces, including high contact areas such as the metro facilities, hospitals and hotels.

BactisafeTM antimicrobials are based on pure silver. Not so long ago, our elders ate their food in silver utensils as silver is the most potent & safe antimicrobial known to mankind. It is safe and non-toxic unlike many other chemically derived additives, which while being very effective, have toxicity issues and un-researched effects of the human and animal bodies. Bactisafe is an FDA compliant product and is widely accepted as a benchmark of safety.

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