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Agricultural Applications

AgriTEKTM portfolio comprises of performance masterbatches developed for Plasticulture.

Developed under close cooperation with Industry experts, customers & the real time field users, these products bring years of technical and empirical expertise to the end users. The products include masterbatches for:

Our product range in the segment includes-

Anti Block Anti Block Prevents blocking behaviour of the film roll during winding and sleeve opening.
Anti Dust Greenhouse UV package to control insect and thereby prevent Viral attacks on the crop.
AntiFog Greenhouse Prevents formation of Water Droplets on the inner layer of the Greenhouse film.
Black Mulch High Quality Black Masterbatch for thin films application, imparts best opacity for the Mulch Applications.
Diffuser Greenhouse Helps diffusing and scattering sunlight to prevent direct incident sunlight inside the Greenhouse.
IR Thermic Greenhouse IR reflective package for Thermic films to help maintain the night time temperature inside the Greenhouse.
Nickel Greenhouse High Efficiency UV combination for Rose Greenhouses. Very High resistance to Pesticides and Sulphur burning
PPA Greenhouse / Mulch Prevents melt fracture during film extrusion
Silver Mulch Silver MB for Mono/Multi-layer mulch films. For light reflection, insect and weed control.
UxNox O Mulch / Tunnel General Purpose UV masterbatch for Mulch & Clear Films, Medium Pesticide resistance


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