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ADDNoxTM - Additive Masterbatch

Being a leading supplier of masterbatches, ALOK provides a wide range of Additive masterbatches for various applications. These additives include slip, anti-block, UV- protection, antifog, antioxidant and processing aid properties and the most ideal for thermoplastics industry.

Some of our Additive Masterbatch Grades

FIBC/Woven Sacks/ Non Woven Polymer Processing Aid ADDNoxTM
Antioxidant ADDNoxTM
Anti Skid ADDNoxTM
Optical Brightener ADDNoxTM
Shut Down Compound ADDNoxTM
Antistatic ADDNoxTM
Inhibits Microbial Growth ADDNoxTM
Flame Retardant Masterbatches ADDNoxTM
Film/Sheet/ Pipe Extrusion AntiBlock for PE & PET Films/Sheets ADDNoxTM
Slip masterbatch for PE Films/Sheets ADDNoxTM
Polymer Processing Aid ADDNoxTM
Optical Brightener ADDNoxTM
Active Cell Nucleator for Foamed Sheets ADDNoxTM
Anti Rust ADDNoxTM
Oxo Biodegradable (from Willow Ridge Plastics, USA) ADDNoxTM
Self Adhesive additive for Cling/Stretch/Cast/Wrap Films ADDNoxTM
Water Absorber additive fro PS sheets ADDNoxTM
Slip & Antiblock combibatch ADDNoxTM
Anti Termite & Anti ant additive ADDNoxTM
Permanent Antistatic ADDNoxTM
Injection/ Blow/ Rotational Molding Internal Mold Release Agent ADDNoxTM
Purge compound for quick color/resin changeover ADDNoxTM
Sink mark removal ADDNoxTM
Desiccant to eliminate pre drying ADDNoxTM
Optical Brightener ADDNoxTM
Reduces torque required for cap/closure opening ADDNoxTM
Inhibits Microbial Growth ADDNoxTM
Flame Retardant Masterbatches ADDNoxTM
Radio-Opaque Compounds X - Detect


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