NoirPlusTM - Black Masterbatches

ALOK has developed a standard range of black masterbatches based on PE, PS, EVA and universal polymers. This product range comprises specially selected carbon blacks to give a spread of properties from high jetness, UV protection and food contact approval to more economical blacks for imparting only coloration. Besides a standard range we also customize our black masterbatches as per customer needs.

Some of our Black Masterbatches Grades are:

Product NAME CODES CB% Carrier Resin Application
Black - Premium AM 7825 50 PE Compounding, Pipes & Film extrusion
Black - Standard AM 2190 50 PE Rotomolded Tanks, HDPE Pipes, Molding & Film extrusion
Black Premium Geo AM 3240 40 PE Specification pipes, drip irrigation,Non-Woven,Geo membranes & UV sensitive applications
Black Geo AM 2180 40 PE HDPE Pipes, laterals, Geo textiles, Thin films(for high gloss and jetness) & UV sensitive applications
Black Super CLA AM 2501 40 PE Thin Films, Mulch films,Tarpaulins, Lamination and Precision moldings
Black MD AM 2222 40 PE Economical grade for Injection molding & thick film extrusion
Black Jet AM 2155 35 PE Cost-effective grade suitable for molding and extrusion.
Black AM 2098 30 PE General Purpose molding and extrusion grade
Black AM 2786 20 PE Economical grade for all types of molding & Garbage bags
Premium Black AM 3590 33 PP Premium quality PP fiber grade, both fine and coarse denier multifilament yarns, monofilaments, non-woven with excellent dispersion
Filament Black AM 3601 40 PP Economy PP filament grade
Black AM 9436 40 PS Premium black for PS Extrusion & molding
Black AM 2296 40 UNIVERSAL Multipurpose molding grade for PP, HIPS, ABS & other polymers
Nylon Plus Black AM 55527 25 Nylon-6 Nylon base,molding & extrusion grade


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