Color Masterbatch

With an active color database of over 5000 shades and precise color matching with spectrophotometer we are industry leaders in Colors. ALOK is recognized by its customers as one of the leading lights when it comes to product safety and stringent regulatory requirements.

Extreme care is taken to ensure Organoleptic integrity of products meant for these applications. A dedicated plant and team of engineers works to ensure that any ingredient that may cause free radical formation or alter the smell or taste of the final product is eliminated from the formulations.

    • Pearl Colours
    • Lead and heavy metal free masterbatches (ROHS*)
    • Glow in dark
    • Outdoor Colours-Light fastness 7-8
    • Metallic Colours
    • Injection and Rotational Molding
    • Engineering Plastics- Nylons, Polyacetals etc
    • Polyester Staple Fiber

*In house XRF testing available


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