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Filler Masterbatch & Compound

ALOK offers wide range of selection of Filler Masterbatches for various applications like Packaging, FIBC, Automotive Compounding etc.

Our product range includes-

Product Name Filler Type Filler Content % Av Size (?) Base Polymer Application
FMBA Super (P) Calcium Carbonate 80 2 PE Highest selling grade for woven sacks and PE films, includes special additive for low dust formation even at high dosage
AM 7710 FMBA Super PP Calcium Carbonate 80 2 PP High dosage(20%+) PP tape extrusion
AM 10240 FMBA Super PP Calcium Carbonate 80 + 2 PP Cost effective grade for PP tape extrusion
AM 10250 FMBA NW Calcium Carbonate 80 2 PP Specially designed for PP Non-Woven applications
25667 FMBA TPT SPLR Talc 75 5.8 PE Suitable for woven sack lamination & clear film application
40380 FMBA TPT Talc 70 - PP Suitable for Automotive and general purpose PP compounding
AM 11135 FMBA TPT Talc 80 - PP Suitable for PP Compounding, imparts good impact strength
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