Pet Masterbatch

We offer both standard off the shelf and customize PET colours as per customer preference.
Products Grades Application
PET White Suitable for dairy & other food packaging application
PET Blue Colorants used are FDA approved making it absolutely safe for food contact. Most popularly used in blue tint water bottle packaging
PET Amber Suitable for pet bottles which require hiding power to avoid sunlight affecting the packaged products. Used in oil and Pharma packaging.
PET Yellow Opaque yellow masterbatch for pesticide and chemical packaging, Colorants used are non reactive with majority of the chemicals
UvNox - shelf (PET) State of the art UV stabilizer for packaging industry. Unlike conventional UV stabilizers this UV protects not just the PET bottle but also blocks passage of UV inside the bottle, providing full range UV protection to the packed contents. Use of this enables clear packaging for products sensitive to UV rays and eliminates the need for outside packaging like paper boxes.


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