NoirPlusTM Black Masterbatches

Alok has developed a standard range of black master batches based on PE, PS, EVA and universal polymers. This product range comprises specially selected carbon blacks to give a spread of properties from high jetness, UV protection and food contact approval to more economical blacks for imparting only coloration. Besides a standard range we also customize our black masterbatches as per customer needs.

Some of our Black Masterbatches Grades are

Product NAME CODES CB% Carrier Resin Application
Product Black - Premium AM 7825 50 PE Compounding, Pipes & Film extrusion
Product Grades Black - Standard AM 2190 50 PE Rotomolded Tanks, HDPE Pipes, Molding & Film extrusion
Product Grades Black Premium Geo AM 3240 40 PE Specification pipes, drip irrigation,Non-Woven,Geo membranes & UV sensitive applications
Product Grades Black Geo AM 2180 40 PE HDPE Pipes, laterals, Geo textiles, Thin films(for high gloss and jetness) & UV sensitive applications
Product Grades Black Super CLA AM 2501 40 PE Thin Films, Mulch films,Tarpaulins, Lamination and Precision moldings
Product Grades Black MD AM 2222 40 PE Economical grade for Injection molding & thick film extrusion
Product Grades Black Jet AM 2155 35 PE Cost-effective grade suitable for molding and extrusion.
Product Grades Black AM 2098 30 PE General Purpose molding and extrusion grade
Product Grades Black AM 2786 20 PE Economical grade for all types of molding & Garbage bags
Product Grades Premium Black AM 3590 33 PP Premium quality PP fiber grade, both fine and coarse denier multifilament yarns, monofilaments, non-woven with excellent dispersion
Product Grades Filament Black AM 3601 40 PP Economy PP filament grade
Product Grades Black AM 9436 40 PS Premium black for PS Extrusion & molding
Product Grades Black AM 2296 40 UNIVERSAL Multipurpose molding grade for PP, HIPS, ABS & other polymers
Product Grades Nylon Plus Black AM 55527 25 Nylon-6 Nylon base,molding & extrusion grade

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