UvNoxTM UV Masterbatches

Features Product Grade Application
Product Grades FIBC/PACKAGING UvNoxTM-PP PP tapes/ FIBC
UvNoxTM-FGL Food Grade product for PP tapes/FIBC
UvNoxTM -Shelf Content Protection for FMCG Packaging
UvNoxTM -PEX Low GSM PP tapes/FIBC
UvNoxTM -D20 PE Shrink Films
UvNoxTM -WT UV+White for PP tapes/FIBC
UvNoxTM -B Tinted Grade for PP tapes/FIBC
UvNoxTM -O Pesticide resistant UV for Greenhouse Films
Product Grades Medical Instuments UvNoxTM -MDC For Medical Instruments to prevent Degradation while Sterilization
Product Grades Roto Molded UvNoxTM -Tank Rotomolded tanks HDPE/LDPE articles
Product GradesPolystyrene UvNoxTM -S Suitable for Styrenic applications
Product GradesABS UvNoxTM -ABS ABS/SAN articles
Product GradesPolyacetal UvNoxTM -DLR Polyacetals (Delrin)

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