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From simple injection moulding application to multi - layer film, Alok has a very extensive range of White masterbatches. Thanks to our state of the art R&D facility and extensive experience we offer White masterbatches for almost all application and polymers.

Some Of Our White Masterbatche Grades

Product Grades Tio2 Loading Application
Universal Marble White 1047 75%(filler free) Our top of line White masterbatch for high end
applications like very thin Films, Tapes and blow
Moulding. Based on the highest opacity tio2 available in the market thus a small dosage gives desired hiding power compared to Standard grades available in the market
White 21146 70%(filler free) General purpose filler free masterbatch for Blow and Injection Moulding and tape Extrusion. Most cost effective way getting desired opacity using a high quality masterbatch
White 21147 60% Suitable for films, Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding and high end Rotational Moulding
White 21149 50% General purpose white suitable for thick films, Injection, Blow and high end Rotational Moulding
White 12574 45% Very popular with Blow Moulding application. Give good opacity and adds very high brightness to the bottles which is of prime importance in FMCG
Uv Nox Blanc 30% White masterbatch with UV stabilizer for PP Woven Sacks and Jambo bags Correctly chosen Tio2 grade to synergies and enhance the effect of UV giving the best combination for both UV stability and whiteness. Works more cost effective than adding white and UV separately
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