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ALOK's antimicrobial masterbatches powered by Microban's technology

By Admin - July 02, 2020

ALOK & Microban Join Hands To Develop ANTI-MICROBIAL Solutions for the Indian Plastic Industry

  • themachinist

    ALOK launches biodegradable solutions at PLASTIVISION 2020

    By Admin - January 19, 2020

    Alok Masterbatches Pvt Ltd. introduced its latest range of non-toxic, biodegradable solutions and masterbatches, EnvoPlast, at Plastivision 2020.


    Mr Amit Puri's interview with PLEXCONNECT on trade relations with Turkey

    By Admin - January 07, 2020

    Plastic Raw material export from India forms 80% of our total exports to Turkey with whom we share a healthy trade relation and export surplus.


    Panel of the Month on Mr Vikram Bhadauria

    By Admin - December 11, 2019

    Panel of the Month on Mr Vikram Bhadauria

  • themachinist

    ALOK wins FICCI Chemicals & Petrochemicals Award 2019

    By Admin - November 14, 2019

    Alok Masterbatches Pvt Ltd (Alok) has been conferred the prestigious FICCI Chemicals & Petrochemicals Award, in the category ??ustainability for Excellence in Safety (Petrochemicals)??

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    Alok strategic partnership with Microban announced at K 2019

    By Admin - October 17, 2019

    Alok Masterbatches based in India has one of the largest portfolios with more than 5000 masterbatches, including a wide range of filler, color and black masterbatch solutions. At K, the company is exhibiting its entire range of commodity masterbatches, while emphasizing its its newly developed color masterbatch solutions for bio-polymers and anti-microbial solutions developed in partnership with Microban. Microban is a US-headquartered company that leads the industry in antimicrobial technology

  • themachinist

    Alok & Microban join hands for a strategic partnership

    By Admin - October 17, 2019

    Alok, India leading masterbatch producer, announced its partnership with Microban, the global leader in antimicrobial and odor control technologies, for developing antimicrobial solutions for the Indian plastics industry, at K Show 2019.

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    Alok Masterbatches wins 2019 Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award

    By Admin - September 10, 2019

    ALOK Masterbatches, India leading masterbatch producer, was conferred the coveted Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award for UVNox Mulch. UVNox Mulch is an indigenously developed additive solution that has made a proven contribution to India agriculture economy by increasing the efficiency of agricultural practices by farmers using mulch films.

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    Alok Masterbatches launches new TPE compounds at Indiaplast 2019

    By Admin - September 10, 2019

    Indiaplast 2019 is a new show for Alok Masterbatches. The company is pleasantly surprised with the number of visitors that are stopping by at its stand. Visitors are pouring in from all parts of the country at the show, which shows the massive potential of the industry. A lot of keen visitors have been coming to Alok?? stand enquiring about the solutions that the company offers.

  • ET Polymers

    Creating a good future!

    By Admin - September 01, 2019

    The ET Polymers is a premium, bi-monthly publication targeted at the Polymers industry in India. Uniquely positioned to address the entire value chain, ET Polymers will reach out primarily to the downstream sectors (conversion into plastic articles) as well as to the upstream sectors (manufacturing of Polymers).

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    Innovation and Quality will place Indian masterbatch industry on the global map

    By Admin - July 19, 2019

    Indian Masterbatch Industry On the Global Map

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    ALOKs new chromatography lab in Okhla

    By Admin - February 02, 2019

    Last Year packaging South Asia reported that ALOK made the first bio-degradable film in India in collaboration with US-based Willow Ridge Plastics.

  • EPPM

    ALOK squares up to European masterbatch competition

    By Admin - October 01, 2018

    One of the India's leading masterbatch innovators has sets it's sights on Europe for growth.

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    ALOK Technology Incubation Centre breaking down the plastic molecule

    By Admin - September 01, 2018

    The masterbatch and pigment mixing lab at the Alok Technology Incubation Centre (ATIC) in Delhi-NCR.

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    Alok Masterbatches R&D for safer packaging: Vikram Bhadauria, ALOK | Packaging South Asia | April 2018

    By Admin - April 23, 2018

    With a view to drive innovation in the masterbatch industry and introduce novel products to the market, ALOK Masterbatches set up the ALOK Technology Incubation Centre in December 2015. It is equipped with a range of testing and research equipment to fine-tune and customize solutions for the packaging and allied industries.

  • Chemical Today

    Plastindia Interview: Amit Puri, ALOK

    By Admin - March 01, 2018

    Today the use of plastics in the automotive, household products, consumer durables, healthcare, packaging, industries, etc. cannot be ignored. The plastics industry is consciously looking at ways to improve sustainability with recycling and re-usage of products.

  • Modern Plastics TV

    Exclusive Interview with Mr. Amit Puri, Director ALOK Masterbatches: Modern Plastics TV | February 2018

    By Admin - February 01, 2018

    Watch the full video:

  • Times of India

    Action in Silvassa: Amit Puri, ALOK | Times of India | February 2018

    By Admin - February 01, 2018

    To boost plastic exports from India and to reduce import dependence, industry stakeholders emphasized the need to expand manufacturing capacity of plastics industry across India. Domestic polymer consumption is expected to double by fiscal 2028 to 30 metric tonnes, according to industry estimates, which makes the expansion of manufacturing capacity more vital.

  • Business world

    Contrary To Popular Belief, Plastics Have A Very Good Environmental Profile: Vikram Bhadauria, ALOK | Business world | September 2017

    By Admin - September 01, 2017

    Plasticulture applications improve productivity and can help reduce dependence on unpredictable monsoons. It also allows a farmer to extract maximum benefit from the land in a sustainable manner

  • Business Standard

    Time is ripe to replace linear model of growth with sustainable one

    By Admin - June 01, 2017

    Manufacturing sector has played a major role in India economic growth history, contributing nearly 16.7 percent to the national GDP. Its importance is further evidenced by the Government ambitious Make in India initiative that aims to promote and incentivise local sourcing and manufacturing.

  • Business Standard

    India needs to re-ignite innovation to scale new heights in manufacturing | Business Standard | May 2017

    By Admin - May 01, 2017

    India, with its distinctive demographic dividend, enormous market potential and rising disposable income, is on its way to becoming a major economic force in the world. However, this would definitely be a formidable task and would call for proactive actions as the competition from its regional counterparts, especially countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, is ever increasing. Over the past three-four decades, India has fared reasonably well in areas like information and technology, p

  • Chemical Industry Digest

    We need to move towards sustainable, safe, affordable technologies and solutions | Chemical Industry Digest | March 2017

    By Admin - March 01, 2017

    ALOK Masterbatches has made steady investments in developing future-ready R&D capabilities that enable it to make plastics safer, sustainable and affordable.

  • Research and Markets

    India Masterbatch Market, Competition Forecast and Opportunities 2017-2025: Growing Demand from Packaging and Automotive Industries | Research and Markets | March 2017

    By Admin - March 01, 2017

    India masterbatch market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of over 11% during 2016-2025, on the back of growing demand from packaging and automotive industries in the country. Increasing penetration of masterbatch in industries such as packaging, agriculture, healthcare, aerospace, electronics, automotive, consumer goods, etc., is a major factor driving growth of India masterbatch market.

  • Plastics & Rubber Review

    ALOK is 'Adding Good' to make the plastic safer, affordable & sustainable | Plastics & Rubber Review | November-December, 2016

    By Admin - October 18, 2016

    ALOK, India's leading masterbatch producer,was conferred the "National Award for Innovation" under the misistry of micro,small and medium enterprises on 18th October 2016.

  • Plastemart

    Masterbatch makes LED lighting source safe to eyes | Plastemart | June 2016

    By Admin - June 01, 2016

    Delhi Based ALOK Masterbatches has developed a light diffusing(LD) technology by adding a plastic filter in front of the LED fixture.

  • BizLED

    Delhi firm aims to make LEDs safe for eyes with light diffusers | BizLED | May 2016

    By Admin - May 01, 2016

    The leading manufacturer of masterbatches, ALOK is looking to step into the LED industry. The Delhi-based firm is aiming to make the LEDs safe to the eyes with its innovative light diffusing products.

  • Business Standard

    ALOK to tap LED industry with light diffusing masterbatch | Business Standard | May 2016

    By Admin - May 01, 2016

    The Delhi-based ALOK, one of the leading manufacturers of masterbatches (a key raw material for making plastic products), is eyeing to tap the growing light emitting diodes (LED) industry with its innovative products that help reduce the harmful effect of this energy-efficient lighting source on eyes.

  • Business Standard

    ALOK opens R&D centre for masterbatches in Delhi | Business Standard | December 2015

    By Admin - December 01, 2015

    ALOK (formerly, ALOK Masterbatches), one of the leading manufacturers of masterbatches (additive used to give colour or impart other properties to plastic products), has inaugurated a technology centre, ALOK Technology Incubation Centre (ATIC), in New Delhi.

  • BioSpectrum

    Permanence of antimicrobials is the perfect solution | BioSpectrum | December 2015

    By Admin - December 01, 2015

    When plastics come in close contact with humans, livestock, or raw foods, they can accumulate harmful germs that spread diseases and infections.

  • Polymers Communique

    ALOK inaugurates its R&D Centre| Polymers Communique | December 2015

    By Admin - December 01, 2015

    ALOK (formerly, ALOK Masterbatches) formally inaugurated its technology centre, officially referred to as ALOK Technology Incubation Centre. (ATIC) on 11th December 2015 in New Delhi.

  • The Pioneer

    Using the muscle that one has | The Pioneer | July 2015

    By Admin - July 01, 2015

    Accounting for a combined world population of 36.3 per cent, India and China are literally two of the biggest competing nations today. Though the race against each other is close, China clearly has an edge.